Health Heroes

Health Heroes

Superheroes are courageous, powerful, and able to overcome any obstacle while doing great deeds at the same time. Many kids dream of throwing on a cape and changing the world, but you don’t need super-human abilities like flying high above a city or spinning a web to become a hero. At Health Heroes Comics, we believe that every child can become a hero by learning how to achieve optimal health and helping other kids do the same.

Nate – Chief Artist

Nate Lovett is best known for his highly animated style on projects ranging from Xombie:Reanimated, Redakai, and Monsuno, he’s also done a variety of work from colors (Hack/Slash, Perhapanauts, Skyward) and inks (Ray Anthony Height’s Midnight Tiger) to concept/package art for companies like Hasbro and more. Most recently he’s completed work for Random House on projects for the NickToons show Paw Patrol.

Eric – Editor in Chief

Ever wanted to be a great athlete? What about being featured on TV? Better yet, have you ever wanted to be a super hero? Dreams don’t always come true, but for Eric they did. At age 9, Eric learned to cook and started preparing meals for the family. By age 10 Eric was working out, biking, running, and participating in organized sports. Eric wants every child to experience the joys of living a healthy lifestyle and was thankful that his parents were positive role models. He wants to be a similar role model for today’s youth.

As he became known for his health expertise, Eric made numerous media appearances on TV and radio and developed a loyal fan base of thousands. To further enhance his knowledge of health, he became a Registered Dietitian and Youth Exercise Specialist. Over the last seven years, Eric has worked with thousands of young people and established himself as one of the leading experts on childhood health promotion. To engage youth, Eric has created an exciting brand called Health Heroes that seeks to entertain, educate, and empower youth to be healthy and whole.

By focusing on youth, Eric feels that he can help change behaviors early and empower children to develop healthy life long habits. If Eric can help develop a generation of healthier kids, those children will eventually become healthy adults. To reach kids more effectively, Eric has created a group of 8 youthful super heroes called the H-Team. Eric believes that he can reach more kids by making health cool and easy to understand. If Eric has it his way, every child will have the opportunity to become a super hero and empower other young people to lead healthier lifestyles.